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Updated: Mar 8

For the last two months, I've been focused on my IronMan/Woman training. (half Ironwoman or 70.3 miles) and not on writing. Now that I finished! whoot whoot, and very proud of myself, I'm looking forward to rest. (can you tell by the look on my face)

I always think of camp as my happy place to rest my mind when stressed. And when I'm lucky enough to get to the mountains I incorporate my favorite activities. How do you rest at camp? My list is probably different than yours: swimming, running, reading, napping. That is what makes camp so appealing. Some enjoy the hubbub of the craft room, snack bar, and happenings around the lake. Others seek out some alone time.  

At home, I am currently taking slow dog walks, cooking nutritional meals, and taking epsom salt baths. As I recover and prepare to wrap up the year, I am reflecting that this, this time to rest, is perhaps the most important thing that I've accomplished all year.


I hope you make time to rest over the next few weeks!

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