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Miracle Monday

Updated: Mar 8

My word for the year is clarity. Because, quite frankly, I'm a bit of a mess right now. Last year's word was rest. And let's see how that worked out: I finished my 1/2 ironman training in Dec. of '21, published my book in May of '22, started a new job in June of '22, quit in July of '22, moved, moved again, had a boundary issue arise AGAIN, and am trying to focus on some new goals.

I have no motivation or ambition. And I've been sick for about a month.

The world is screaming at me for some self-care. Why am I so hard on myself. I stare at my vision board every day. I listen to meditations and manifestations. And finally, I received the message today of how to really rest!

It came via Clint Hurdle's daily email. In case you don't know who he is (former Pittsburgh Pirates Manager) and want to get his messages:

I finally listened.

Rest is more than just physical rest.

Rest is mental, sensory, creative, emotional, social, and spiritual.

I'm out of alignment. In so many ways. And having to do the hard work to get back to a place of peace, calm, and yes, 'clarity'.

Please take care of yourself and give yourself some grace.

I know I will be putting up a lot of boundaries to protect my energy.

So, I'm putting pen to paper and recognizing the daily miracles and signs in my life.

Today's was Clint's email. Rest comes in many forms. Right after I post this, I'm taking a nap.

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