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Maria Warner
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In order to thrive, I stay focused on my health, family, friends, and community I believe in being balanced. 

Simply stated: mind, body, and spirit are the three components I include in my world every day. 



Maria is an energetic lifelong learner. As a student of life, she knows that to follow her passions she needs to be balanced in mind, body, and spirit. This currently involves creativity in the forms of writing and pasteling, running, sobriety, and volunteering with Girls on the Run. As she supports herself and her communities, she continues to seek ways to be of service. In the form of hosting mini writing retreats, cheering on girls as they learn life skills and run, or encouraging anyone to follow their passions she wants everyone to thrive. 

Maria uses her skills of sobriety, as a published author, and an accomplished athlete in her community to inspire and encourage others. While she flourishes in these different/versatile endeavors, Maria is on a mission to continue to publish stories that explore the meaning of life. Maria has a vision to be healthy so she can thrive and give back to others.

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