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Chasing Chandler-A Fan’s Odyssey

When I see the social media postings of Matthew Perry quotes about helping others with addiction, I think to myself that is what he did every day. By speaking about his journey.

And he deserves a ton of recognition.

Matthew and many others that speak of their struggles with addiction help those of us that question if we’re drinking too much? If alcohol is taking more than it’s giving? If our lives would be better without it?

It’s not easy to quit an addictive substance. I know.

Today is my 15th month of sobriety. (caveat, there have been a few sips of beer and wine in there to remind myself why I don’t want /need to drink anymore).

Here are the benefits.

  • Physically, my weekly stomach aches are gone. My liver and kidney functions have improved. Skin is clearer and fresher looking than ever. And my cholesterol levels are lower.

  • Mentally I have become clearer on my values and boundaries. No more people pleasing for me. (still struggling with perfectionism)

  • Spiritually my values have been revisited and I have started meditating daily. 

Now, the challenges.

  • You must come up with a plan for every event in life. There are no safe spaces for nondrinkers. Even the AA meeting site near me is next to a bar.

  • You find out who your friends are super quick. Who supports your decision? And who tries to get you a shot?

  • Finally, you have to deal with all the shit that you’ve been shoving under the carpet.

My hope is by this time next year, there will be a lot more Chandler Fans on the 'leaving addictions behind odyssey' with me.

Email me at for my list of strategies to get through the first 30 days.

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