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Pandemic Reflections

Updated: Feb 7

Twenty Ways Life is Different Now

1. no work travel

2. dogs get groomed by a van service

3. hairstylist built a salon in her home

4. one grocery store visit per week to minimize exposure

5. more time for writing

6. made spaetzle

7. lots of bird watching

8. super tomato plant showed up

9. subscription to a coffee service

10. lots more baking-cookies & waffles

11. wrote a blog for Rosetta Stone

12. gave TP away as a birthday gift

13. started writing handwritten notes

14. Drinks in the driveway with neighbors

15. virtual theater tickets

16. vivid dreams

17. more phone conversations

18. at home yoga and HIIT workouts

19. kids visited more

​20. was unable to fly to be by Dad's side when he died

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